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Why Switch To Electric Forklifts ?

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Forklifts can be powered by fuel or electricity and electrically powered forklifts have certain advantages over others.

For example, they do not emit any smoke, the lifespan is longer than other forklifts and they do not make any noise when in use. A more detailed explanation is below.

Emission – Using electronic forklifts provides you with an environmentally and eco-friendly bit of machinery because it does not emit any smoke. However, forklifts powered by fuel emit harmful gases so are rarely used indoors. This means that electronic forklifts are favoured as they have proper ventilation.

Fuel – One of the most beneficial facts about having an electrically powered forklift is that it does not need any fuel as there is no need for it. This means that the forklift is smaller because there is no need to have a space for fuel, this makes it easier and more compact to store because they can fit in smaller spaces.

Lifespan – These forklifts are easy to maintain, resulting in a longer lifespan. They also do not need to be replaced when the battery has run out as these can easily be restored with new batteries. This makes it a very efficient choice for many construction companies looking for low cost vehicles.

Maintenance – As mentioned above, electronic forklift maintenance costs are very low as they have very few parts to break down. This results in a more cost effective machine, where only the batteries will need to be replaced (and not very often either.) However if a fuel powered forklift the cost can suddenly become higher, as the fuel needs to be topped up every now and then in order to function, therefore you have to pay out for this extra cost. Fuel costs are rising, making maintaining a fuel forklift more difficult to justify.

Noise – The electrically powered forklifts don’t make a loud noise because there is no internal combustion, and as a result there are no loud noises that can be of disturbance to people. On the other hand, fuel powered forklifts have a loud rattling noise because of the internal combustion which takes place. It is a better idea for workers to have a quieter machine.

As a result of the above, forklift sales for electrical forklifts for many construction companies are higher than fuel forklifts as they can last longer, cost less, and are easier to store.

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