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Camera for High Lifting Operations

Updated: May 3, 2021

With the cost and availability of storage space increasing year on year, many companies are combating this by increasing the height of their storage racking to maximise available vertical space, without expanding their racking’s overall footprint.

Forklift operators are being asked to move goods at heights where it is very difficult to have a clear view of where they are placing the goods, from their low vantage point seated on their forklift.

This blog looks at two mechanical aids that can be installed to assist in the safe storage or removal of goods at heights, these being camera or laser level systems.

Camera System

When lifting loads above 6m in height it is very difficult for a seated forklift driver looking upwards to correctly judge movements and the positioning.

Such moves can often result in damaged goods/equipment or much worse operator or pedestrian injuries from falling goods.

Installing a specialist camera system enables operators to know exactly where their tynes are positioned when operating in high racking.

The camera installed on the forklift carriage, height adjusted to be in-line with the top of the tynes allows the operator to precisely position their tynes between the racking shelf and the pallet.

It also allows the operator to safely and securely position the pallet onto racking shelves during operations.

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