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Forklift Attachment

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Forklift Attachment Singapore
Forklift Attachment Singapore


A forklift can be used as a multi-purpose and versatile machine, for example, in the winter for snow removal or transportation of unwanted materials. Adding attachments extends the functionality of any forklift. Attachments are available for common forklifts, telescopic forklifts, container handlers and side loaders, with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic drive. The capacity of the forklift will vary depending on how heavy the attachment is. Caution should always be exercised when using various attachments by taking into account their center of gravity. Forklifts equipped with attachments should be only operated by experienced drivers.

Load push units

Load push units are designed for pushing loads onto the forks or a platform. These attachments are usually very easy to assemble and can be moved together with the backing plates, located under the goods which are to be transported.

Bale clamp

The ball clamp engages the load with the two brackets and is ideally suited for accommodating goods such as boxes or machine parts. Bale Clamps are available with integrated side shift and can be turned up to 360 degrees.

Pole tine clamps

A Two-way fork clamps consists of two rods, which can accommodate around in the direction of moving loads such as rollers or drums. Many models come with a side thrust.


A rotary device on the truck makes a 360 degree rotation of the carrier. Most models of rotating equipment for trucks have a side shift, also called lateral thrust.

Box discharge units

To empty a container quickly and easily, a Box discharge unit is ideally suited. This type of mounting device can turn a container up to 360 degrees.

Barrel lifter

They are used for stacking, carrying and emptying the barrels. Barrel Lifter is available in mechanical or hydraulic version and can be ordered with scale and rotation. There are different barrel drum lifter designs that can fit the material of the barrel.

Drum clamps

The drum clamp is an attachment for transporting drums. It consists of two clamping arms which are adapted to the shape of a drum. They are able to rotate and tilt to the front. There are also drum clamps, which can simultaneously handle two barrels.


Forks are one of the most sought after attachments. For example, increased length means increase in the lifting capacity compared with standard forks. Special versions, such as coated or explosion-proof forks are not uncommon.

Fork Extension

Fork extensions are used to lengthen the effective length of the supporting forks. These are used for the occasional transport of long goods so the purchase of new, longer forks are not worthwhile.

Attachment clamp

Attachment Clamp is the device used while transporting goods onto the truck. Attachment clamps come in different styles and fits on various devices.

Harbour Clamps

For port operations there is the harbor clamp attachment which is equipped as a true all-rounder for the challenges existing in the port environment. Harbor clamps can be integrated with side shift.

Appliance clamps

Appliance Clamps are available in rigid and swinging version. Their main task is to transport and stacking goods without pallets. Goods such as washing machines, refrigerators and televisions safely transported with appliance clamps. Like many other attachments they also come with side shifts.


With a sweeper, the dirt is cleaned mechanically by means of two brushes and a vacuum fan. There are mobile sweepers; sweepers can also be used as attachments for forklifts, trucks or utility vehicles. Sweepers are usually diesel or manually operated. The rotating brushes are usually located at the right-side of the sweeper and under the vehicle.

Tilting device with shovels

With this type of attachment, the blade can be tilted forwards and backwards. Tipping buckets are usually operated hydraulically.

Clamp for cement pipes

Cement pipe clamp can be very useful especially for transporting and storing heavy cement pipes with a forklift. Most machines have an integrated safety device which measures the pressure in the pipes and thus prevents any additional damage.

Fork clamps

Operate both as a clamp and a fork positioner. Awkward loads, such as crates, barrels & tires can be clamped between the forks. The ability to position the forks speeds pallet handling and reduces wear and tear on the pallets. It can be used to lift all conventional pallets, wide loads and clamp loads not on pallets, either with the forks alone or with slip-on arms for brick/blocks, drums, bales etc. The continuous rotation in either direction adds to the handling options.


Mainly used as a sliding clamp for loading/unloading goods in containers on space-saving cardboard or synthetic slip-sheets. The slip-sheet and load are pulled on to the fixed platen by a front gripper bar mechanism. This load push pull is equipped with entry pockets on both sides and can simply and quickly be mounted on to the existing truck forks. They are available for forks or platforms.

Jib crane

You can use your forklift as a crane with this attachment. They are available in swivel and rigid design. The current carrying capacity is between 2500 lbs and 4000 lbs. However, there are devices available with higher capacity.

Load stabilizers

They stabilize the holder to transport goods from the top of the forks of the forklift. Enabling safe and rapid transport over uneven terrain and stabilizes the product. The loading time is reduced significantly with an integrated side shift. They are coated with rubber to prevent damage to the goods; moreover, the pressure is exerted on the regulated product in small steps.

Multi-pallet handler

Multi pallet handler forks allow the transportation of two pallets, as well as multiple forks for transporting up to three pallets. They are a hydraulic attachment for forklifts.

Pallet inverters, 360° rotating

The pallet inverter device is used to rotate during a production process of goods, e.g., coated plates from the top to make the underside or a pallet change. Furthermore, damaged goods in the lower layers could be changed without disturbing the whole arrangement. For very unstable product, we recommend the use of a lateral support arm. For container loading without pallets, the pallet inverters can be combined with a pusher.

Paper roll clamp

The handling of paper rolls possesses a particular challenge for the forklift. With a paper roll clamp, the rollers which are either lying or standing, are taken from the truck for further storage or Transport. Paper roll clamps are available with 180 degree rotation and 360 degree rotation. The 360° rotation is guaranteed to cause damage when placing paper rolls on inclined planes. There are also models with a split arm for simultaneous handling of two rolls. The slim-designed arms prevent damage.

Personal Basket

These are used to perform works at heights. Most of personal baskets come with a capacity of 150lbs. The personal baskets are carried on the forks; of course each basket is secured to prevent accidental slippage.

Pipe Clamp

They are used for handling vertical and horizontal concrete pipes. These tube clamps are hydraulically operated and can be rotated and tilted. Also, the pipes that may lie transversely to the direction of travel can be moved easily with a pipe clamp.

Round timber gripper

Round timber gripper enables the forklift to take up and transport timber logs. A distinction is made between ordinary wood grips and the one-armed timber grab. While wood gripper can usually do well with a lifted loads, for one-armed gripper only a fork is needed to transport the goods. They can be hydraulically operated and are mostly used in the forestry industry and wood processing.

Hydraulic scoops

Hydraulic scoops are mounted on the carriage of the truck. It is suitable for the uptake and transport of sand, gravel and other loose material. They come in a rigid design, but also with manual or hydraulic operation.

Side shift

Side shifts are used to move the load carrier in a specific direction.

Tri-lateral heads

Used as an attachment in front of forklifts to enable the user and machine to work in narrow places and aisles as side loader. The carrier has a lateral shift device with one or two vertical axes that are rotated and moved across to the mast. You can store and retrieve pallets and containers from the shelves sideways with the normal side shift device. The pivoting side push device is also adapted to receive the load from the front, or to move the load forward. Often, a special mast is necessary to counteract the weight involved.

Brick and block clamps

These are three-pronged fork clamp attachments for forklift. They are used in transporting of bricks.

Tobacco clamps

The tobacco clamp is used to secure brackets and cardboard bales of tobacco products. The thin blade arms make for easy brackets and allow close stacking. The integrated side shift forks enables a safe and lateral displacement of the load.

Telescopic forks

This acts as a distinction between conventional telescopic forks and Push-out forks.

Telescopic crane

This attachment enables your forklift to act as a mini-crane. The boom is attached to the mast of the truck; the crane hook is located on the boom and can be operated at different heights. The telescopic crane hooks have a rigid rotor and come with 2 or more hooks.

Load extenders

With load extenders, loads can be absorbed from the 2nd row by extending the shear (e.g., single-sided loading and unloading of trucks, cars and double racks). They can be mounted to the load appropriate attachments. To compensate any inaccuracies side shifts are available.

Fork positioners

Fork Positioners are amongst the most popular attachments on the market. Many manufacturers make various types with different widths. Fork positioner allows unlimited use of the device regardless of the width of the forklift to transport the load.

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