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Forklift Trucks Available for Hire / Rental

Updated: May 3, 2021

Many people know they need forklifts for their construction projects, warehouses or commercial premises. However, they may not know what is the best type of lifting equipment for their needs.

Forklift truck hire offers multiple types of forklifts to suit many different applications. Here are the most common types of forklifts that you should be aware of.

Counterbalance forklift trucks

Counterbalance forklifts are the most common type of truck used and obtained through forklift truck hire. The design of these forklifts consists of a 4-legged machine that has two forks protruding from the front of the truck. The forks raise straight upwards and downwards and are ideal for lifting items vertically across the site.

These forklifts get their name from the presence of a counterweight that is placed at the back of the truck. When a load is lifted from the front via the forks, its weight is balanced by the rear end of the truck so that the entire machine remains stable. Electronic forklifts may not require the counterweight design because the battery offers the necessary lifting power.

3 wheel forklift trucks

To allow for increased maneuvering on site, 3 wheel forklift trucks were designed. They work in much the same way as the counterbalance trucks, only that they have a 3-wheel design instead of 4 wheels. The single wheel at the rear end of the forklift makes it easier for the forklift driver to operate the truck and access tight spaces.

Warehouse personnel looking for forklift truck hire are finding the 3 wheel forklift trucks a popular option for smaller warehouses.

Reach trucks

Specifically suited for warehouse operation, reach trucks offer users a high level of flexibility. A reach truck consists of a machine that has arms that can extend vertically and horizontally into right spaces. They are used in warehouses to access items in shelves that may be tough to access under normal circumstances.

Rather than using a counterweight balance design, they use a battery-powered mechanism that provides enough force to lift items to the required height. Most reach trucks are narrow but can extend upwards multiple feet into the air.

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