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Pallet Truck / Jack Singapore
Pallet Truck / Jack Singapore


Every customer can buy the right electric pallet truck at EP and we are proud to offer such a large variety of electric pallet trucks for sale to fit the need for any application.

First of all you have to know what load carrier / weight you want to transport? EP offers electric pallet trucks for sale from 1000kg to 2000kg capacity. Another important aspect when buying your electric pallet trucks is the length of your load, as our pallet jacks can be delivered with different fork length and fork width.

The next question you have to answer is about the application of the truck. How do you use the machine? Is it mainly used indoor on flat surface? Or do you use the truck outdoor, uneven ground or for loading and unloading of HGV / lorries?

Another important question is about your charging habits and your requirements on the battery: If you want a light and low maintenance truck your choice will probably go for Li-Ion pallet trucks like our EPT 12EZ or a gel Battery truck liken the semi electric EPT 20-15EHJ / full electric truck EPT 20-15ET. Those trucks can be opportunity charged and do not require regular maintenance, water refill or special charging rooms. Depending on the technology, the charging time varies between 2 hours (Li-Ion) and 8-10 hours (Gel Battery). Another choice is the traditional, lead acid battery. This battery is much heavier compared to Gel or Li-Ion, but is still the industry standard in many areas. The lead acid battery is less energy efficient and needs 8-10 hours charging. You also need to refill the batteries with water. As these batteries release gas during charging, it is necessary to ensure ventilation or special charging rooms with lead acid batteries and potentially special floor coating in charging areas.


Here at EP, we know that the key to any business is efficiency. That is why we have an extensive collection of electric pallet trucks for sale to keep your warehouse or construction site functioning properly. An extra helping hand is one thing, but a pallet truck in the hands of a trained member of personnel is an invaluable decision for any company. Our electric pallet trucks for sale are simple to use and easy to store, ensuring hassle-free usage for your operation. We at EP actively encourage you to buy electric pallet trucks that will not only perform, but last. After all, every electric pallet truck we offer is built to our phenomenal standards. So why not take a tour of our wide selection?


The electric pallet truck is a versatile tool. Whether intended as a replacement for an existing pallet truck or as a first equipment purchase, it can be complicated to ascertain which type of electric pallet truck to buy. For this reason, we endeavour to make this as easy as possible. Let us have a look at some of the different use cases for the electric pallet trucks we have on sale.

Warehouses can be treacherous places if proper precautions are not taken. Tight conditions are often an inevitable consequence of the functioning storeroom, which makes finding the right lifter a difficult task. But let us assure you that every single electric pallet pump we offer for sale is easy to manoeuvre around cramped environments. Visibility is also of the utmost importance in these situations, so every electric pallet jack available for sale is built with safety at the forefront, for your peace of mind.

The same can be applied to construction sites and shop floors. Uneven terrain and immovable obstructions can often lead to logistical difficulties. That is why every EP electric pallet jack on sale is versatile and comes in all manner of different sizes, from manual hand jacks to riders. Whether intended for moving pallets to and from a heavy goods vehicle or simply ferrying material from one area of a site to another, we guarantee there will be a pallet truck for your application within our vast catalogue.

If you have any questions with regards to buying the perfect pallet lifter for your work environment then please don’t hesitate to call us, and we can support you through the entire process. Alternatively, you can also contact your local dealer to find out more about the different specifications of EP’s electric forklifts for sale.

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