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The future of electric forklifts in Singapore

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

For many decades, diesel forklifts have been used to transport heavy material on construction sites in Singapore. These forklifts are used by many companies in the building and construction industry, with some buying and others renting them for various jobs.

Apart from using diesel forklifts, some companies have opted to invest in electric forklifts which can be sourced within Singapore or abroad. The use of electric powered forklifts has grown over the years, bringing with it changes within the building and construction landscape.

Is it time you invested in an electric forklift?

Although battery-powered forklifts seem to be the leading choice for industry professionals, it is important to consider whether they are a good fit for you. The best way to do so is by assessing the type of construction jobs you handle regularly and use the report to make a final decision. Whether you are an individual or a company, you need to use the best forklifts to ensure the work done is satisfactory.

Even as you make your decision, you should keep in mind that the world is going green and many industries are jumping on the bandwagon by using equipment that helps protect the environment. The building and construction industry in Singapore has not been left behind, with some companies doing their best to preserve the environment as part of their daily work activities. One of the ways that those in the construction industry are contributing to the protection of the environment is by using electric forklifts at work sites.

These battery-powered forklifts can be part of your fleet but do not have to replace those that are powered by gas or diesel. It is advisable to have different types of forklifts to make it possible for you to handle a wide variety of jobs. Also, using several forklifts at a construction site reduces the amount of time used to complete the work for the benefit of the client.

Furthermore, smaller indoor jobs are better handled by an electric forklift because it is quieter and does not produce emissions during operation. If the majority of the construction jobs you do are indoors or do not require heavy lifting, then this particular forklift is an excellent choice for you. Alternatively, you could start with the rechargeable model and then add diesel forklifts to your fleet as your jobs become bigger.

Additionally, if you are a “die-hard” diesel forklift user and are having a hard time switching over to the battery powered ones, consider renting one out to get a feel for its performance. You are likely to enjoy using the electric one and decide to hire one or two for jobs that match its capability.

Benefits of electric forklifts vs diesel/ petrol forklifts

Every forklift has unique benefits that make it stand out from the rest. Most construction companies use diesel or electric forklifts in outdoor and indoor work sites. Some of the advantages of electric forklifts, when compared to diesel forklifts, are:

• Electric forklifts are easy to maintain because they do not require tune-ups and have no engine parts that need to be cleaned or changed. The battery needs to be recharged so that it can work for longer periods without stalling. Even so, proper maintenance of diesel forklifts ensures that they perform at an optimum level regardless of the job at hand.

• Electric forklifts can handle weights of up to six thousand kilograms, making them ideal for use in small spaces. They can also manoeuvre around the small space because of their size, making the movement of items much faster. On the other hand, diesel forklifts can lift thousands of kilograms depending on their size and capacity, making them ideal for work in large work sites.

• The cost of battery-powered forklifts is high at the initial stages when compared to petroleum ones. These costs are much higher because the forklift has to be purchased together with its charger and battery, but the maintenance costs are lower than those of its counterparts. Alternatively, gas/ petrol forklifts are sold at reasonable costs regardless of the size or model.

• Fuel powered forklifts produce much more noise during operation compared to electric forklifts. The noise is produced mainly because of its operations, but it does not affect its performance. Electric forklifts do not make noise, making them ideal for small and indoor spaces where a lot of noise can affect the immediate working environment.

As it stands, electric forklifts are likely to play a significant role in the future of the construction industry because of the benefits they offer users when compared to traditional options.

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