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Used Forklift Singapore

Looking for a used forklift in Singapore to make best use of your capex budget? As a veteran player in the industry, Red Forklifts Pte Ltd keeps an inventory of well-maintained used forklifts that are ready to be deployed on short notice.

Why buy a used forklift?

The biggest factor to consider buying used forklifts is cost. While new forklifts are getting more affordable and come with new features and enhancements, there are a lot of operational situations where you just need a simple, no-frills lifting equipment.

In such cases, there is no incentive for spending more than necessary, and therefore acquisition of a used equipment deserves merit.


When buying multiple machines, the cost savings derived from purchase of used forklifts can be quite substantial as well.

Buying used forklifts - what to look out for

While the purchase price of a used forklift can generate some serious savings for your capex budget, that healthy float can be significantly diminished if the equipment you bought comes with inherent problems and issues.

So, before you decide on getting a used forklift in Singapore, there are some attributes of the forklift that you ought to take a look at before making a final decision.


The lifespan of a forklift refers to the operational life of the forklift and is measured in terms of hours. A forklift typically has between 10,000 and 15,000 hours of lifespan.

So when you’re choosing to buy a used forklift, it is important to know how many hours have already been consumed from it.

Simple math would then give you an idea of the monetary worth of the forklift.



Of course, the condition of the used forklift will have a significant impact on the selling price.

A forklift that came from intensive environments, such as chemical plants or food processing factories tend to end up in poor conditions compared to other used forklifts.

Some equipment sellers don’t necessarily consider this and would just glance over the forklift with minor repairs before putting it back up for sale, just to quickly turnover their inventory.

At Red Forklifts, you won’t face such a situation because each and everyone of the used forklifts that we carry in our inventory goes through a multi-point inspection to ensure that it is in top operating condition before we list it as available for sale.


There are bound to be parts in an used forklift that go through wear and tear, and eventually have to be replaced.

Regular servicing is also something that cannot be ignored as well, no matter how pristine or robust an equipment is.

As such, knowing if there is warranty coverage for your used forklift and what are the top-up or upgrade options involved, gives you a clearer idea of the total ownership cost and usage longevity, which goes a long way in helping you decide if you should make the purchase.

At Red Forklifts, we believe in getting you fully covered for all possibilities and therefore offer a flexible array of service and support options that best suit your usage requirements.

Talk to us for more details .

Paint work

Just because a forklift is not brand new, doesn’t mean it should look worn.

Having a nice paint work on a used equipment can make it feel fresh and a joy to operate, giving a psychological impetus for your operational staff to exercise more care and attention when using and maintaining the equipment, thereby extending its useful life.

While our inventory of used forklifts in Singapore is curated and maintained to perform equally well on both the visual and functional fronts, we also provide paint work as an additional service if you so prefer.

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Reputation of seller

A forklift - used or otherwise - is still considered a capital intensive purchase.

For purchase of such nature, you would definitely want to buy from a supplier with strong credentials and established reputation in the market.

The last thing you want is that once you’ve bought the equipment, the seller becomes difficult to reach, and is reluctant and less than forthcoming in providing after-sales and service support, or to clarify your
doubts and queries.

Red Forklifts has been in the industry for over 40 years and throughout this time we have been with our clients each step of the way, to provide them with all the assistance they need with their Singapore forklift equipment, new or used.

Get your used forklifts from Red Forklifts today

Buying a used forklift equipment can just be as worthwhile as a new one, and friendlier to your budget if that is a major concern.

Nevertheless, buying used equipment does not mean that you have to settle for less.

At Red Forklifts, we are meticulous in making sure that each used forklift that you get from us has been put through the works to ensure that it looks and performs great and definitely value for your money.

For your purchase of used forklift in Singapore, just call 6366 4173 or email ; we are standing by ready to assist you.

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