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8 Series Toyota Forklifts setting new standards

In the market for reliable forklifts for sale? Toyota forklifts are a great option available on the market. Today we looks at the Toyota 8 Series options and highlight Toyota forklifts for sale that are sure to get the job done.

A look at the Toyota Brand

The Japanese manufacturer Toyota is known across the world for their series of offerings and if you are looking for quality material handling equipment, the Toyota 8 Series is just the option for you.

A great series available from Toyota in terms of forklifts is the 8 Series and thanks to a host of the top engineering, technology and design teams, the Toyota 8Series is known for its extremely good standards in the industry.

With a range of exclusive features, including the Operator Presence Sensing System and the System of Active StabilityTM, as well as ergonomically designed elements mean that the Toyota 8 Series forklift allows for better visibility, helping with operator fatigue and productivity.

Other features found among these Toyota forklifts are the engines and exhausts, with the System of Active Stability

1.0 – 8.0 Tonne Toyota 8 Series FD/FG
You’ll find your productivity levels on the rise when using the 1.0 – 8.0 tonne Toyota 8 Series. Its SAS Automatic Fork Levelling Control ensures that the fork is level and helps with retrieving and finding pallets.

The wide-view mast also offers you an unrivalled look at what is happening. From any angle. These Toyota forklifts also feature electronic shift, which is finger controlled, helping you manoeuvre between forward and reverse. The turning radius, helps with getting around small spaces and making the most of it.


Thanks to Toyota’s exclusive 4Y Gasoline industrial Engine these forklifts for sale makes for a powerful workhorse, which has great fuel economy and is also easy to maintain, with low noise levels. While the 2Z and 1DZ-11 Diesel Engine’s system also helps with noise control. To top it off, the hydraulic lifters help with maintenance and the optional travel speed setting, allow you to set the speed for optimum performance.


You’ll love the ergonomically designed forklifts with its special features that allow operators to be as comfortable as possible. This is found in the ergonomically-mounted hydraulic controls, which ensure correct vision.

The Operator Restraint Suspension seat in these Toyota forklifts for sale can be adjusted to a range of heights and has been designed to prevent fatigue, with lumbar support to help reduce it. The overall design has been designed with forward, downward and upward mobility in mind, done through the design of the instrument panel, mast width and display.

Ease of Use

The 1.0 – 8.0 Tonne Toyota 8 Series FD/FG models have a range of measures, which makes it easy to use. The integrated monitoring system helps with troubleshooting and services, while the wide design, easy-lift and no tool floorboard, help you get to the problem, quickly and easily. The Swing-Down LPG tank bracket also means that every time you switch tanks, it’ll be safe and easy.


Thanks to its Active Control Rear Stabiliser and SAS monitors, you’ll be covered in every situation. From instability and tip-overs. It ensures it all. The Active Mast Function Controller also reacts to any instability, while the OPS system ensures that no accidental movements are made, and will only work when the operator is seated correctly. If not, the system will turn off, and you won’t be able to use the forklifts.


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