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Buying Electric Pallet Truck/Jack In Singapore

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Electric Pallet Truck/Jack Singapore
Electric Pallet Truck/Jack Singapore

Electric pallet trucks simply make moving palletised loads easier. They utilise power that is stored in a battery creating the benefit of power drive and power lift, which reduces the effort required an operator needs to use to move product. It also allows operation to maximise productivity with the elimination of manually operated functions.

This equipment is classified as pedestrian and doesn’t require a license to be operated. It is advised that every person who uses pedestrian equipment undergoes training from a site supervisor and is shown the correct way to operate the unit.

Here are the types, features and benefits of electric pallet jacks you should consider when looking to purchase for your business. Electric pallet trucks are battery operated and require charging between uses. If the pallet was to be used constantly the battery lasts around 3 – 4 hours, approximately.


A semi-electric pallet mover features power drive, which allows the operator to steer and maneuver more easily than a conventional hand pallet jack.

Key Benefits include:

  • Smaller turning radius capability

  • The advantages of the safety features offered in electric powered pallet jacks; emergency stop, power braking as well speed limiting functions

  • Improved steering capability

  • Environmentally friendly

Semi-electric pallet trucks do not have power lift. The operator has to manually pump the hydraulics in the handle to lift the load up. The lift height for pallet trucks is very minimal and may not necessarily be an important feature required for the workflow of goods in your operation. If you are using the pallet truck mostly to move items around then having a semi-electric pallet truck might be a suitable option. These are usually available in 1500kg capacity.

Electric Pallet Truck Sales Singapore
Electric Pallet Truck Sales Singapore


Electric pallet trucks feature power drive and power lift, which improves the overall control and reduces the amount of effort an operator needs to use moving palletised loads.

Key Benefits include:

  • Safer to operate with electric controlled speed limiting, emergency stop, braking and electric hydraulic lift pumps

  • The operator doesn’t need to apply any physical effort and can utilise the electric features to concentrate on the direction of the load

  • Environmentally friendly

Electric powered pallet trucks are a modern resource for moving palletised loads. Utilising equipment that reduces operator strain and maximises productivity is a smart decision for operations who have low demands handling palletised goods. Investing in an electric powered pallet jack is a long term benefit to the business and maintenance is minimal over the life of ownership. Most ranges include capacities starting at 1500kg up to 2000kg.


These are ideal for heavy duty long distance materials handling tasks. These sometimes also have a ride on option that improved time efficiencies for operators who are moving goods over larger warehouses. These employ a variety of different safety capabilities than standard pedestrian pallets to improve operability across more applications. Pallet movers are classified as heavy duty from 2000kg capacity.

  • Speed limiting and power steering.

  • Emergency stop button.

  • Suspension for smoother operation across larger areas.

  • Anti-roll back function on inclines to prevent slipping.

  • Creep function that is controlled by the position of the handle.


With all battery charged pallet movers regular maintenance is required. Here is a list of the most important features to check and consider to ensure you keep your equipment in the best working condition. Electric pallet jack maintenance includes:

  • Maintenance free batteries simply mean they are sealed and water doesn’t need to be checked or added to the terminals as you might do with a car.

  • Batteries do require frequent charging.

  • For the longest life, ensure every charge fully restores the battery life.

  • Check tyres regularly. If there is any damage, chips, cracking or obvious variances on the surfaces it is advised that they are replaced.

  • Ensure you are operating on smooth surfaces – any knocking experienced from moving along uneven surfaces damages the pivots.

  • Every 6 months lubricate the steering joints for longer lasting performance.

  • Never allow your equipment to be operated in the rain or left outside in the rain.

  • Small variances in the surface of the floor space you operate on such as expansion joints, metal cable covers or even minor damage to the floor will cause deterioration. Regular checks of your floor space are advised for operator safety as well as equipment maintenance.

Purchasing a new pallet truck is a ideal for businesses whose handling requirements are infrequent and of low demand.

Key Points to take away include:

  • Small cost to run and easy maintenance over the life of ownership.

  • Environmentally friendly and safe choice.

  • Increase productivity with the benefit of power drive or power lift.

  • Safer to operate than a regular manual pallet jack and eliminates operator strain.

  • Includes features such as emergency stop and speed limiting to improve workplace safety.

  • No license is required to operate pedestrian equipment.

  • Easy to maintain and recharge between uses.

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