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Updated: Jan 12, 2021

At RED FORKLIFTS PTE LTD, you’ll find a range of pallet trucks, designed to suit your specific needs. Whether you operate a small, medium, or large-scale business, the right pallet truck is essential for making your distribution as efficient as reliable as possible.

EP’s pallet trucks are designed to the tightest possible tolerances to ensure they offer the best possible service to our customers. But, there are always things that you can do to make sure that your electric pallet trucks are being used to their true potential.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of eight handy tips to get the most out of your EP pallet truck!


This is paramount – and though it sounds obvious, there are many operators who don’t understand just how important it is to properly know the specifics of the machine you’re operating. All pallet trucks are different, with different features and designed to work best in different situations – which is why understanding what you’re using is so important.

So, for example, if you’re using the EPL-151, you should understand everything you can about it, from its full steel chassis to knowing how to efficiently work the controls.


It might sound counter-intuitive if you’re trying to maximise efficiency, but one of the best things you can do with a pallet truck is to slow down. If you do so, you’re automatically improving the safety with which the load is being carried. Far too many businesses prioritise speed over safety, leading to operators feeling they need to rush loads.

It’s in your interest to make sure that pallet truck operators understand as much as possible the benefits of slowing down, and that you as a business owner don’t want them to rush.

Slowing down makes the pallet truck that much more manoeuvrable – this applies throughout the EP range from the HPL151 to the EPT20-RASS. It also gives operators more time to anticipate any potential delays and take evasive action in good time. Slowing down will also mean that the load is more secure, making damage and other accidents much less likely.


One of the key benefits of an electric pallet truck is that it’ll allow you to carry heavier loads without the strain of a manual pallet truck. Electric pallet trucks have batteries, which need to be charged. Knowing how to charge them, and the specifics of the battery your electric pallet truck has, is essential for maximising the usability and the efficiency of that pallet truck.

Batteries come in different types – for example, the EPT WA series has a lead acid battery, where the EPL151 has a lithium-ion battery, and the EPT20-15ET has a gel battery.

Each of these batteries will have specific designations for the way they need to be charged to offer the most efficiency. This information will be found in the product manual, and it’s essential you understand what EP recommends for your particular pallet truck. This will allow you to keep your batteries charging more efficiently so they ultimately have a longer lifespan.


Another core element of operating an electric pallet truck as efficiently as possible is keeping it well maintained. Though electric pallet trucks are designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible, they still need some maintenance from time to time in order to work reliably. It’s important that you’re ready to keep on top of that maintenance.

RED FORKLIFTS PTE LTD can offer specific help and advice relating to the pallet truck you’re using, which will help you to determine a maintenance timetable to keep your pallet truck working.

Regular maintenance sounds like a big deal, but in reality, it simply means keeping your pallet truck in the best possible working order. That will include things such as checking the wheels for damage, ensuring all the available modes/functions your pallet truck has work properly, and that the battery continues to hold a reliable charge.


Electric pallet trucks are designed to make moving heavier loads as easy as possible, but they are designed with weight limits indicating the maximum load they’re able to handle. You need to understand the maximum capacity of the electric pallet truck you’re using, and make sure that it’s not allowed to be exceeded – always keep well under the recommended maximum.

The EPT12-EZ, for example, has a maximum loading capacity of 1200 Kg, the EPT EHJ Series has a maximum of 1800 Kg, and the EPT WA Series’ maximum load is 2500 Kg.

Exceeding the maximum load your electric pallet truck is rated for is unwise for a number of reasons. Firstly it puts excessive strain on the loading area, wheels, and power train. It will make the pallet truck more difficult to manoeuvre. Then, of course, it increases the risk of the whole load becoming unstable and potentially becoming damaged or involved in an accident.


The efficiency of an electric pallet truck is entirely dependent on the environment in which it’s used. One top tip is to make sure that any aisles are as wide as possible, to allow operators as much room as they need to manoeuvre. This also helps to ease the flow of any traffic if you have multiple electric pallet trucks operating in the same part of your facility at the same time.

Another key element of the environment is to keep the path of the electric pallet trucks clear from as many obstructions as possible. This will help everything become much more efficient.

If the environment you operate your electric pallet trucks is dirty, dusty, or exposed to the elements, you should consider investing in some extra cleaning and greasing efforts. This will help to keep your electric pallet truck reliable and functional for as long as possible. Bits of dust and grime can play havoc with sensitive electronics, so do everything possible to prevent their ingress.


It’s always best to make sure that you’re using the right pallet truck for your specific requirements. For example, if you only need a pallet truck every now and then you could opt for the simple and functional EPT20-15ET. If, however, you need your pallet truck in constant use carrying much heavier loads, you could opt for the highly capable EPL 151, WPL 201 48V li-ion series or the EPT 25WA.

The first step to finding the right electric pallet truck is to understand what your requirements actually are –namely how much you intend to use it, and how much it’s going to carry.

Remember to always err on the side of caution and invest in an electric pallet truck that’s slightly more capable than you actually need it to be. This will allow your business to grow, without your electric pallet truck suddenly being unable to satisfy your requirements. For example, if your maximum loads are 1500 Kg, it’s wise to purchase an EPT rated for 2000 Kg.


It’s a good idea to get operators in the habit of thoroughly checking their pallet trucks over both at the beginning of a shift and the end of one. If a pallet truck is in use 24 hours a day, be sure that it’s checked when shifts cross over. All employees should understand what they should be checking for, in order to ensure the EPT is in proper working condition.

Be sure that you regularly check proper checks are made to the schedule that you determine, in order to keep the electric pallet truck working as efficiently as possible.

Issues to check for would include problems with the battery, such as excessive charging times or rapid discharge. Handling issues might crop up. The wheels should be checked for cracks and damage regularly, as should the loading area itself. Any damage should be noted and reported to management immediately, then rectified as quickly as possible.


Ultimately, your electric pallet truck is an investment. Whether you need something relatively simple, like the EPT20-15ET, or you require something more robust, such as the EPT WA Series, you’re going to want to maximise your electric pallet truck’s potential. This will allow you to get the best possible return on your investment.

You’ll be making the pallet truck that much more intuitive and easy for operators, which will help improve efficiency. You’ll also be ensuring a much safer working environment. These tips will also allow you to lengthen the usable lifespan of your electric pallet truck as much as possible.

All electric pallet trucks are designed to be as reliable as possible, but if you want to maximise that reliability, it all depends on how well you’re willing to take care of them. If you do, your EP electric pallet truck will become an indispensable part of your business.


RED FORKLIFTS PTE LTD offers a wide range of electric pallet trucks designed to suit the needs of all sized businesses, as efficiently as effectively as possible. If you’re interested in making an investment you can rely on, be sure to browse the EP electric pallet truck range today.

Similarly, if you need any further help or advice on the best practice to keep your electric pallet truck operating as efficiently as it can, contact RED FORKLIFTS PTE LTD today.

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