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Electric Forklift Singapore

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Electric Forklift
Electric Forklift


Electric counterbalance trucks combine pure strength with the advantages of no-emission, low noise pollution and sensitive driving characteristics. Red Forklifts Pte Ltd offers a wide range of electric forklifts for sale to fit every application.Whether you require counterbalance trucks for small-scale warehouse operations, large-scale outdoor operations, or anything in between, we have a wide range of electric forklifts for sale and can help you find the best fit for your needs. Whatever your reason to buy electric forklifts, our global scope of operations means that we can offer them at a competitive price point – helping you save money.


Electric forklifts can be used for a wide variety of applications. Depending on the type of pallet stackers, they can be used to carry heavy loads on a variety of terrains. They are a great option for businesses looking to maximise warehouse space, as their smaller size means that they have increased manoeuvrability, and increased ability to stack goods in tight spaces.


Warehouse Electric forklifts are perfectly suited to most warehouse applications. They are easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces and can stack pallets up to mid or high levels. They can be used for transporting goods over distances, and run smoothly on the level surface of a warehouse floor. Counterbalanced electric forklifts are ideal for intense use or demanding situations, and provide increased performance and stability. Industrial sites Electric forklifts can also be used in any other industrial application. With the right forklift attachment, they can be used to deal with any type of load. This means that they can be a very versatile tool in an industrial context, and have a variety of uses. Electric forklift trucks can be a great all-purpose solution for small-scale industry, allowing you to lift, stack, and position loads without the need for a full-size forklift truck. They can also be used for a number of maintenance tasks and applications. Construction As in industrial applications, electric forklifts are a cost-effective, simple way to transport loads. They are easy to use, meaning that operator efficiency can be maximised, and allow operations to be carried out in small spaces. Electric forklifts are a useful way to load and unload lift trucks on the ground, and to transport construction equipment from a delivery vehicle onto a construction site. Some types of electric forklifts are optimised for outdoor use and can be used on rougher terrain. Electric forklifts have a smaller environmental footprint than larger forklift trucks, and so have a lower operating cost. Electric counter balance trucks Counter balance trucks are the traditional fork lift trucks, the multi-purpose-one-size-fits-all tool in the company. They can handle any pallet and with specific fork lift attachment they can handle any loads. EP Equipment produces 3 wheel fork lift, 4 wheel fork lift, LPG truck, diesel truck, electric truck and walkie counter balance truck.


Electric forklift trucks are the ideal work horse. Flexible to handle any load, running to the lowest possible costs. After a whole day of work, fuel up with electricity for the price of just 2 liters of fuel. 80% savings on energy costs compared to diesel trucks. Within one year the additional cost of an electric truck can be break even. Furthermore, no exhaust gases and always stand by. Just push the pedal and start working. No engine problems when using for short shifts, lowest running costs when using longer hours. Generally electric trucks might seem more complex. In reality there is much less moving parts compared to an IC engine and maintenance need is much lower. Repairs might seem more complex. EP keeps it simple: All our trucks are ‘open source software’ controlled with Zapi controllers. Any technician can do maintenance and repairs or change the drive parameters of this truck.


Rear wheel drive electric. 3 Wheel, Compact, simple technology, affordable electric truck. Capacity 1,5T 3 wheel electric. Powerful, indoor and outdoor, inclinations, shortest turning circle. Capacity 1,5 – 2.0T 4 wheel electric. Powerful, mostly outdoor. Capacity 1.5 – 4.5T Dual drive Single drive Rear wheel drive trucks are compact and simple, easy to use. They are suitable for the indoor applications. Front wheel drive trucks are powered on the front wheels, where the pressure of the load is. Therefore, optimum traction and power when you need it. Can be used on inclinations and more slippery floors. Single drive trucks have the drive train like a diesel truck, just with an electric motor instead of an IC motor. With dual drive you have the benefit of a smaller turning cycle and a lower seating position. Dual drive in general also offers a higher performance. WHAT ABOUT THE BATTERIES?

In the mind of many people the traction battery is more expensive than the truck itself. Luckily that’s not totally the case. Nevertheless, the battery is a substantial investment and therefore, it provides 5 years long a cheap source of energy. Full fuel up for only $5. The lead acid battery needs a charging time of 8-12 hours. For continuous operations we provide 2 batteries with 1 truck and side battery change with a roller bed. HOW TO BUY THE RIGHT ELECTRIC FORKLIFT TRUCKS?

For the indoor application in narrow space the small rear wheel drive 3 wheel fork lift trucks is the truck of choice. The most compact electric forklifts for sale have a working aisle of under 3m. For forklifts in outdoor applications on more uneven surfaces or for heavy loads the 4 wheel fork lift truck is preferred. Stability of forklifts when lifting is not so much the issue, both 3 wheel trucks and 4 wheel trucks have the same stability. 4 wheel trucks are just more up to rough handling when loading and unloading lorries or when working on uneven roads.

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