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Forklift Repair Singapore

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Forklift Repair Singapore
Forklift Repair Singapore

Looking for reliable forklift repair service in singapore ? We at Red Forklift Pte Ltd offer a full range of forklift repair service at a highly affordable pricing. Having been in the forklift industry for over 40 years, we are confident to be able to solve your problems.


Mast Problems 

The mast is the frame that controls the lifting, lowering, and tilting of the forklift. The carriage and the forks that carry loads attach to the mast. The carriage is powered by a hydraulic piston in the middle of the mast. Masts lift their loads using hydraulic power from the piston. They use gravity to lower loads. Many forklifts lift their loads in multiple stages, which can lead to a lot of things going wrong.

Common mast problems include:

Not lifting or lowering properly

Not lifting quick enough

Jerky (rather than smooth) lifting and lowering

Steering Problems

Forklifts aren’t the easiest pieces of equipment to steer, especially in tight spaces. Steering problems can lead to forklift accidents that injure drivers or nearby workers. So it’s important to keep the steering functioning smoothly at all times.   

Steering problems can be hard to detect. One warning sign is strange noises while that occur when turning the wheels, especially when the truck is loaded. This could indicate rust in the steering mechanism. It could also be a problem with the hydraulics that regulate steering pressure. Other steering problems include pressure valves that are loose or worn out, worn gears, low steering fluid levels, and misaligned tires.

Starting Problems

A forklift that won’t start can be annoying and costly. Jobs are delayed.  Items sit around waiting to be moved. Driver time is spent trying to fix the problem rather than getting work done. Fortunately, this can be a fairly easy type of forklift troubleshooting.

If you have an electric forklift, check the battery charging level. When was the last time the batter got charged? Was the procedure performed correctly? Test the lights, brakes and other auxiliary functions to see if they work. If not, you may need to fully recharge the battery. A quicker option would be to replace it with a freshly charged one if you have one available.

If you have an internal combustion forklift, starting problems can be more complex. Try these forklift troubleshooting tips:

Has fuel sat in the forklift’s tank for a long time? Old fuel may not start easily.Have you checked for a fuel leak? If you smell gas stronger than usual, you may have a leak.Have you checked the oil levels? Some forklifts won’t let the fuel valve open without enough oil in the engine.

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