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Key Notes For Renting Forklift In Singapore

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Forklifts are powerful industrial trucks used to lift and transport heavy duty loads. In modern industrial operation across sectors, forklifts have become indispensable in labor intensive heavy industries due to the advantages they offer in transporting loads conveniently at various stages of daily operations.

Why Hire instead of Purchasing?

Forklifts being primarily lifting and transporting vehicles depreciate over the years and have little resale value when they can no longer be operated or if you want to purchase a new forklift by selling off your old one. It is therefore prudent to go for forklift rentals rather than outright purchase.

In fact, more and more prudent businessmen are contacting forklift rental companies in order to reap maximum benefit from these efficient machines without making a permanent investment or spending on their regular maintenance.

Benefits of Renting Forklifts

Forklift rental can help you save substantial money especially if you are just starting your own business. Permanent acquisition of heavy machines like forklifts; is a loss for you as you won’t be requiring them once your new office is complete.

Renting forklifts is a great idea if you are in the agriculture sector. Heavy machines are required to transport seasonal produce and forklifts are best suited for the purpose. Instead of buying a forklift and allowing it to rust for the rest of the year, hire one at harvest time to help you in transportation.

If construction is your chosen trade, hire forklift for specific projects instead of buying them and paying considerable cash towards interest or insurance.

Warehouses too, benefit immensely by hiring forklifts as they can be used extensively for lifting and transporting heavy packages and consignments.

Forklift renting is also your most viable option when you need to lift and transport heavy goods for specific period of time (daily, weekly or monthly basis) or emergency situations.

Tips to Find the Best Forklift Rental

While hiring a specialized machine like forklift, it is important to work out the following beforehand:

Be specific about the duration of the rental period. Companies lease forklifts on daily, weekly, monthly or even rent-to-own basis and you should have a clear idea as to how long you need the equipment.

Be sure you know your model properly. Forklifts come in diverse models from different manufacturers. Before hiring, you must have a clear idea of the particular machine you want for your specific purpose.

It is better to hire your forklift from a local company who will deliver the equipment quickly, on site and every time you want it.

Collect contact details of various local forklift rental companies from the internet or your local phone directory. You can even seek references from friends about forklift rental services who lease forklifts at reasonable rates. Compare rates from multiple rentals before finalizing.

Check to see if the company will provide servicing and maintenance facilities during the period of lease; most good forklift rentals do so.

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