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Ride On Electric Pallet Truck Singapore
Ride On Electric Pallet Truck Singapore

There are many different types of equipment and machinery that are designed to help you in the smooth running of your businesses. Sometimes it can be a little confusing and somewhat overwhelming to know exactly what the right type of equipment is needed to be able to lift, move and store boxes and goods safely.

How can you move those boxes and pallets safely? How can you move and store multiple pallets? One popular piece of machinery in the warehouse environment is the ride-on pallet truck. Below we explore exactly what a pallet truck is, where a pallet truck can be used, the benefits of using a ride-on pallet truck, if any special training is needed to operate one, plus we taker a closer look at the EP range of pallet trucks.

What exactly is a pallet truck?

The pallet truck is also known as the pallet jack, pallet stacker and pallet lifter. It is as the name suggests a truck that both transports and lifts pallets. The pallets are lifted via a long tapered fork that is placed below the pallet, enabling it to be easily moved, lifted and transported to where it is needed to be. This is achieved by user operation.

What’s important to remember is that every pallet truck comes with its own weight restrictions. So it is important to choose the right pallet truck for your particular needs. You should never exceed the maximum weight, as not only could this damage the pallet truck, but it could also seriously risk the health and safety of your staff and working environment.

Pallet trucks are designed to make the workload easier, to make it safer for workers to move and stack pallets, while also saving much time and boosting productivity.

The ride on pallet truck

So what is a ride-on pallet truck? The electric ride-on pallet truck is operated by someone standing on a platform at the rear of the truck. This allows you to drive it to where it needs to be via a steering wheel, buttons or lever. It is designed for travelling longer distances, as opposed to a non-ride-on pellet truck. This is because the operator can easily move and navigate the pallet truck across a large floor space. The ride-on pallet truck is also the best type to load pallets into an HGV. Ride on pallet trucks often come with folding platforms that enable them to operate as a narrow walkie pallet truck when needed.

What kind of work are pallet trucks good for in warehouses?

Pallet trucks are mainly used in the warehouse environment to move pallets from one area to another. They can move pallets from the storage area or warehouse to a waiting lorry with ease. They are able to lift pallets to a certain height and can lift multiple pallets at any one time.

They are particularly useful in the warehouse as they are smaller than a forklift truck, meaning that they are able to access smaller and narrow spaces, unlike a forklift. The electric ride-on pallet is also safe to use in the indoor warehouse environment as no harmful emissions are produced.

What kinds of industries might benefit from pallet trucks?

There are so many industries that benefit from using pallet trucks. These industries include the manufacturing industry, the retail store, on the factory floor, the foodservice industry and chemical factories.

What are the benefits of a ride-on pallet truck over a manual one?

The manual pallet truck is operated via a handle that lifts and lowers the fork. This type of pallet truck is usually used for lifting small amounts of pallets, or in a small warehouse. The ride-on pallet truck is far superior as it can cover a greater distance, lift heavier weights, so many more pallets can be lifted at any one time, and it can reach higher levels than a manual pallet truck. Therefore if you need to move and stack large amounts of pallets in a large warehouse environment, then you really need a ride-on pallet truck to do this job for you.

What training will your drivers need?

Any employee who operates a ride-on pallet truck will need the training to do so safely. This training needs to comply with the safety standards set by PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations) plus following the Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) L117, that is aimed at those who are involved in any type of lift truck operation, including site operators of rice on pellet trucks.

Employees should be given basic training in how to operate the ride-on pallet truck, and how to do specific work-related tasks in the warehouse environment while using the pallet truck.


EP Equipment is a well established and leading manufacturer of electric pallet trucks and ride-on pallet trucks.

Below we share these two ranges from EP.

The EP20 range

This pallet truck range features 3 pallet trucks: the EPT-20RA which offers manual steering, and the EPT-20RAS and the EPT-20RASH that both have electric power steering.

Features of this range

All three of these pallet trucks come with a foldable platform. This enables the pallet truck to be used as a ride-on pallet truck when the platform is extended, for when you need to cover large distances in the warehouse. Then, when the platform is folded down they can be quickly converted to walkie pallet trucks that are suitable for navigating narrow aisles in the warehouse or stockroom.

Power steering

The EPT-20RASH and EPT-20RAS both feature electric power steering. This not only creates smoother operation, but it also produces a more comfortable driving experience with less strain on the joints and muscles.

High speed

If you need a high-speed ride-on pallet truck because you operate in a large warehouse environment, then the EPT-20RASH can be fitted with a high-speed motor that can reach a speed of 12Km/h.

Stable operation

All of these ride-on pallet trucks offer you stable operation at high speeds. This makes the pallet truck incredibly safe when lifting and moving heavy loads at a set height.


The RPL-201 and RPL- 201H from EP are ride-on pallet trucks that both have a Li-Ion battery. These machines have electric power steering and are quick to charge and use.

The features of the RPL-201 range

There are many useful features in this ride-on pallet range. As with the EPT20 range, these machines also come with a foldable platform to allow them to be used as a walkie stacker.

High speed manoeuvrability

The RPL-201 range has been built for speed and efficiency. These high-speed ride-on pallet trucks can reach a speed of up to 5.5km/hr, helping to increase productivity.

Tough and durable

These machines are heavy duty and designed to lift and move heavy loads safely. The RPL-201 is able to lift a maximum of 2000kg.

Robust mechanism

All moving parts on this range of EP ride-on pallet trucks are durable and move with ease, ensuring operator safety.

The EP li-ion battery technology

The RPL-201 ride-on pallet truck comes with li-ion battery technology. This type of battery charges up very quickly. They will be fully charged in around two and a half hours. This is obviously a huge bonus when the pallet truck is used around the clock and you need the least amount of downtime as possible.

Benefits of the ride on pallet truck

So, why should you use an EP ride-on pallet truck? Well, there are many great benefits to these machines.

Improves productivity

These electric ride-on pallet trucks are high speed, are able to quickly charge and are versatile because they can be used in narrow spaces. This ability to work anywhere in the warehouse space alongside the fact that they can be quickly charged, while moving at speed can only help to improve productivity.

Greater visibility

These EP ride-on pallet trucks offer the user greater visibility while operating the machine. This increased visibility allows the operator to manoeuvre down narrow aisles with ease and to travel across a vast warehouse floor safely, as all obstacles can be clearly seen. It also means that lifting and lowering loads is also much safer.

They can do several tasks

These modern EP ride-on pallet trucks are able to scoop up several pallets, can lift them up, take them to the desired location and then place them at the desired level. They can be used indoors in the warehouse and then outside in loading bays where they can transfer pallets to the waiting lorry. They can go anywhere in the warehouse, working as a walkie truck and ride-on pallet truck.

They can pick up large and heavy loads

These EP ride on lift trucks are incredibly robust and durable. They are able to lift and relocate heavy loads, which many other types of ride-on pallet trucks simply cannot do. So, if you have a particularly heavy workload then the EP ride-on pallet truck will help you.

Can be used instead of a forklift

Finally, many warehouses opt to use an EP ride-on pallet truck instead of a forklift truck. This is because they are more affordable, are quicker to achieve a full charge, come in high-speed options and can be adapted for use in confined spaces.

All electric pallet trucks are designed to be as reliable as possible, but if you want to maximise that reliability, it all depends on how well you’re willing to take care of them. If you do, your EP electric pallet truck will become an indispensable part of your business. CONTACT US TODAY

Red Forklifts Pte Ltd offers a wide range of electric pallet trucks designed to suit the needs of all sized businesses, as efficiently as effectively as possible. If you’re interested in making an investment you can rely on, be sure to browse the EP electric pallet truck range today.

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