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Reason to use Scissors lift

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

A scissors lift is basically a mobile platform that can lift you to enable work to be carried out at height safely. The lifting is achieved by a hydraulic actuator and a scissors structure. Scissor lift rental is perfect for customers who need a piece of machinery that is compact and able to maneuver in tight spaces. Most scissors lift are battery powered which create little noise and no emission, perfect for indoor use. The scissors is an alternative to using ladders. Non-marking tyres can also be fitted to avoid floor marking, which gives them the flexibility of being use indoors and outdoors.

Benefit of using scissors lift

- In a warehouse setting, using scissors lift to access storage at heights could increase storage capacity and cycle time to retrieve goods. This is a simple affordable solution to having a fully automated system.

-Loading bays, instead of a fixed cargo lift, scissor lifts can comfortably provide easy loading of the goods or even personnel to a range of heights.

-Maintenance & construction, scissors lift had been proven to increase productivity and safety. scissors lift can provide easy assess to height safely and fast

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