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Why Electrical Forklift ?

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

1. There are no reduction in capacity compared with engine forklifts. 2. The initial cost of a new electric forklift is usually higher but on the long run the up keep cost is significant lower as compared to diesel unit. 3. The costs of electricity and battery water as compared to diesel is vastly cheaper. 4. Electric forklifts are ideal for small factory due to its compact size, which enables it to pass easily through doorways. This also improve maneuverability and usability 5. Electrical forklift will not have to be service as regularly as diesel unit. On top of that, each servicing will be cheaper as no oil/air/fuel filter or lubricate have to be change. 6. Removing the need for Diesel and LP Gas fuel in turn eliminates the need for fuel storage, which reduces costs and health and safety risks. 7. Noise reduction in the workplace improve safety for all 8. Higher capacity ratings and increased truck stability can be achieved due to the electric truck's inherent lower centre of gravity. 9. Near zero emissions contribute to a dramatically reduced carbon footprint. 10. The speedy, safe and easy lateral battery changing allow for round the clock operation.

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