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Warehouse Forklifts: HELI New 1.6-1.8t Pantograph Reach Truck

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

HELI provides many ingenious products to solve your materials handling needs. Just a simple philosophy to make our trucks better and tougher to last. Introducing our innovative and technologically advanced HELI Narrow Aisle CQD16X1 and CQD18X1 single reach trucks.

These narrow aisle trucks are the culmination of a dedicated team of HELI engineers who push the limits of continuous product improvement. The result is a series of Narrow Aisle lift trucks with the durability, serviceability, ergonomics, and performance benefits that will meet your operator's needs, help reduce costs and work to drive uptime and productivity.

Model CQD16X1-GB2R 3500lb (1585kg) at 24”(600mm)load center 36 volt (48volt option)

Model CQD18X1-GB2R 4000lb (1810kg) at 24”(600mm)load center 36 volt (48volt option)

The single reach mechanisms provide 24 inches of extension.

Tilt function provides 4 degrees back tilt and 3 degrees forward tilt on both carriages. Sideshift is standard on single reach mechanisms.

Key Feature


1、Base arms are welded to the frame, separate from mast assembly, for excellent structural strength. This unique design allows a mast to be easily interchanged.

2、The exclusive mast provides a superior life with low maintenance costs . Stress tested, hot-rolled mast channels give you a high-load carrying capacity.

3、You can rely on the strength of the pantograph. Its arms are made of one inch thick alloy steel – thicker than many other models. That way, you can carry high capacity loads confidently and securely.


1、Low maintenance and extended service intervals AC traction motor.

2、The swing-out compartment doors reveal an uncluttered, well laid out compartment making servicing easier. Stationary drive motor eliminates power cable flexing, improving cable reliability and longevity.

3、Load wheel box outer side plates are flush mounted, reducing truck and rack catch points.

Wonderfully ergonomic

1、Operator compartments is ergonomically designed to provide operators with excellent visibility, efficiency and productivity.

2、Low 10 inch step height, combined with a wide entrance opening into the operator compartment, provides comfortable entry and exit from the truck.

3、Both the brake and operator sensing switch are mounted below the floor mat, providing unobstructed entry and exit from the truck. Operator compartments are fully padded for comfort.

4、Hand controls, which are positioned to optimize each stance configuration. The handle provides simultaneous operation of traction, lift/lower, and reach functions.

5、The proportional reach/retract system provides efficient and precise load handling. Offering Electrical cushion when retract load.


1、The AC hydraulic system features proportional lifting and lowering.

2、By utilizing the lift motor RPM to control oil flow, pressure drop in the lift hydraulic lines is minimized.

3、The lower function is controlled by a proportional control valve which provides excellent lowering speed control.

Technologically advanced electronic system

1、AC motor are designed for optimum reliability and efficiency while providing low noise level. The AC motor are equipped with temperature sensors to ensure long motor life.

2、AC Technology features an Auto Deceleration System that, when activated, electronically decelerates the truck to a smooth stop when the operator moves the control handle towards neutral.

3、The plugging function is variable according to the handle position. All deceleration is performed by regenerative braking through the vehicle control system.

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