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Why You Should Have a Variety of Forklift Types

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

It is with little question that forklifts can be an asset to any material handling initiative. As a whole, forklifts can tackle a wide range of tasks and it is appropriate to conclude that they are a truly dynamic piece of machinery. However, there are optimal situations to use specific breeds of these thoroughbred appliances. Are you considering a diversification to your forklift fleet? Are you in the market for a new forklift and looking to acquire technology that can address specific needs? There is good news. Having a variety of forklifts can be a great aid to your business or enterprise. There are many advantages to having variety in your fleet but there are three benefits that stand above the rest. Whether it be ability to handle any task, increases in efficiency, or viability as alternatives, there are a plethora of pros to diversifying your forklift portfolio. Here is how:

1) Increases Efficiency – The math is simple; having a variety of forklifts will increase efficiency. Whether it be from an ergonomic perspective of getting the right forklift for the right job or having multiple vehicles in operation to optimize and streamline projects, efficiency will skyrocket if you bank on more than just one forklift. Given the fact many forklifts can tackle a broad scope of functions and duties, the most arduous of endeavors can be done quickly, swiftly, and methodically. It is a best practice to have forklifts geared for task-specific choices and scenarios. The best example of this is a narrow aisle forklift. Implementing one of these devices into your fleet can be a huge asset if your warehouse has tight spaces that conventional forklifts may struggle to negotiate. Employing a value-driven ideology in material handling appliances will cause efficiency rates to soar.

2) Great Backup Options – According to Thy Black Man, having a wide range of forklifts provides a plethora of backup options in the event one machine in particular goes out of service. While some lifts may be somewhat different in design, these devices can put into service to fulfill other tasks if necessary. There are many examples of how this can be attained given the fact how the various breeds of forklift often overlap in specialty.

3) Tackle The Unexpected – The material handling industry is filled with surprises. Thus, it is imperative to have diversity in your fleet as it positions your business to take on the unexpected when it emerges. Having a variety of forklifts allows your enterprise to handle any task and tackle those events that come unexpectedly. It is a recommended practice to learn more about different lift designs and how they can contribute to business operations. It is discovered that there is a good chance that adding at least one new lift with certain features and design elements will enhance one or more aspects of the current process. Boosts in productivity results in profitability, so essentially varying your fleet is an investment that yields dividends long-term.

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