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When is forklift repair no longer useful?

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

It goes without saying that forklifts are powerful and indispensable tools in warehouses. Unfortunately, no matter how well you may maintain your forklift, they all come with an expiration date. Deciding whether or not to retire your forklift, however, can be a tough call to make. How can you be absolutely sure that repairing your forklift is no longer useful? Here are three tell-tale signs that your forklift is ready to retire.

1.Transmission problems

A failing transmission is a dead giveaway your forklift is at its life’s end. Although repairing or replacing the transmission is an option in some cases, experts agree that you better spend the money on a new forklift. After all, once your forklift’s transmission goes under water, the entire forklift is set to die along with it.

2.Repeated engine failure

A few exceptions aside, forklift engines have a lifespan between 10,000 and 20,000 hours. Has your forklift’s engine reached this point and are you having trouble starting it? Or is the engine not even starting at all? Then it’s safe to assume that your forklift is a goner. You can always try to have it repaired, but it’s a long shot and will inevitably cost you thousands of dollars.

3.Maintenance costs exceed productivity

Sticking to a regular maintenance schedule is crucial to increase your forklift’s lifespan. However, as your forklift gets older, maintenance costs inevitably creep up. By the time a forklift has reached its 7th to 10th year of service, its maintenance costs will have doubled compared to the first year. In other words: every forklift at a certain point in time reaches a stage when the costs to keep it up and running exceed the value the forklift provides. By keepingmaintenance records, you will be able to pinpoint exactly when that time has arrived.

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