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Forklift Accessory – Weight Scales

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Some forklift applications require a weight scale (forklift accessory) to weigh the forklift load accurately prior to loading, for example, into containers, where the weight of the product is necessary for shipping, or for weight accuracy of the product for on sale where weight is important to the price of the product. Weight scales can also ensure the load the forklift operator carries is not heavier than the forklift is capable of lifting, therefore avoiding unsafe work practices.

The weight scale can be fitted to the forklift aftermarket.

There are two main types of forklift weight scales, analogue and digital.

Analogue weight scales can be a cost effective method of weighing your forklift load. These types of scales can be a little more accurate than the digital scale type.

Digital weight scales are generally more expensive, but some operators find them more favourable due to ease of reading the weight on the digital screen.

Calibration of the forklift is required for an additional cost when the weight scales are fitted.

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