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Lease vs Hire (or renting) vs Purchase of new & used Forklifts In Singapore

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Benefits of Leasing 1. Flexible choices, should your business grow, you may want to have more choices to build your business. 2. Latest equipment choices at low cost repayment plans. 3. No large outlay of cash. 4. Choice of terms to suit your budget, either 1, 2, 3 and up to 5 year plans.

Benefits of Renting or Hiring 1. Renting a forklifts entitles the customer ongoing maintenance costs included in their rental costs. Generally the company hiring the forklift looks after all maintenance costs. 2. Forklift Safety – all rental companies are responsible for the forklift maintenance and repairs on going. Looking after all repairs in the time the forklift is out on rental. 3. Choice of type of forklift – the customer can pick and choose what is required at the time the forklift is required. This allows flexibility if situations change in the work environment. 4. No large sums of cash to outlay – Choices of long or short term deals can be arranged with the rental company that can suit your budget at the time.

Benefits of Purchase 1. You own your forklift. 2. If you superficially damage the forklift, there are no 3rd party costs to repair the forklift. 3. Claim depreciation on your forklift purchase.

Whether you choose to lease, hire or buy a new or used forklift, RED FORLIFTS PTE LTD can assist you with the right choice. Whether it is for a forklift, reach truck or walkie stacker, we have the correct piece of equipment that will suit your budget and suit your application.

We offer a vast range of services and products at a competitive price. Being in the Forklift Truck business for more than over 35 years is a testimonial to our commitment to Quality and Customer satisfaction.

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