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Sit Down VS Stand Up Forklifts

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Many warehouse operators think of the traditional sit down forklift as being the best for their operation but is that really the case? Have they considered the options?

Here are some points to ponder before you sign the purchase order for your next forklift:

  • What is the nature of your operational area, ie., surface type, traffic patterns, travel distances, etc. ?

  • Do you have narrow aisles or tight areas to maneuver around/through?

  • Does the forklift operator make long distance runs or many short runs with starts and stops?

  • What percentage of the time is the operator moving on and off the lift?

  • Can you increase productivity by using a stand up truck or a sit down model?

Sit Down Forklift

Forklift manufacturers are now focusing on operator comfort and its impact on productivity. “A happy operator is a productive operator” is the new mindset of the leading manufacturers. Tying into that point is the ability of the operator to see the load at all positions of the lifting/lowering process, and during the forward/reverse movement of the forklift. The driver positions are typically forward facing on a sit down truck (with a twisting of the back and shoulders) for reverse travel whereas the stand up unit will allow the operator’s body to turn in any number of directions quite easily.

Stand Up Forklift

Test Drive – If you are in the market for a new forklift this is a good time to consider new options. Forklift Manufacturers are generally happy to send a Sales Representative, who is well versed in specific forklift applications, to your facility to survey your specific application and make recommendations on product types. This information can be extremely valuable in reducing forklift expenses and operational costs.

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