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HELI Forklifts

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

As the leading enterprise of national forklift industry, Anhui Forklift Group (forklift brand HELI), consistently relying on self innovation, manufacturing and marketing to establish their own brand, paid more attention on adjusting the structure of the products and pushed forward the closer integration of industrialization and informational trend. The enterprise ranked to be the No.1 in the national forklift industry in China for consecutively twenty years in terms of main economic and technological index, becoming the No.1 base for developing, manufacturing and exporting industrial trucks with the largest scale, the most complete industrial chain and the strongest comprehensive force. Anhui Forklift Group had successfully ascended to be one of the World Top Eight Forklift Manufacturing Enterprises, on behalf of national forklift industry.

In these fifty years, Anhui Forklift had stayed in the field of fierce marketing competition. Taking the task of rejuvenating the national forklift industry as their mission, the company underwent the test of the financial crisis as well as the marketing competition, successfully standing among the powerful players in the field of forklift industry in the world and effectively stopping foreign forklift manufacturing giants to occupy the market shares in China.

In fact, early in the mid 1980s, a number of foreign forklift manufacturers had been entered Chinese market, and until today almost all the world famous forklift brands and groups of parts manufacturing companies entered the market in domestic China. Anhui Forklift Group was sharply aware that if the technological and manufacturing level of forklift industry in China could not be improved in a short term, the Chinese forklift market would have been occupied totally by the foreign brands in future. In order to avoid such situation, Anhui Forklift (HELI) aimed at the most advanced forklift manufacturing technology in the international market, bring in the innovative technologies in an all round way to conduct systematic improvement and enhancement towards the development & research, manufacturing, sales and matching parts. The company kept up with the world advanced level by the fastest rate and led the companies in the same industry, stating in the highest point of Chinese forklift market. In the year 1991, Anhui Forklift Group climbed to be the No.1 in the forklift industry in China, and then stayed to be the No.1 in the next twenty years.

Self innovation was the driving force. In these years, Anhui Forklift Group held the flag of rejuvenating the enterprise by science and technology. Focusing on the development of industrial trucks, the company walked out a way of totally self innovation from technology introduction. More than 1700 models and 512 categories of products produced on line were all endowed with self intellectual rights, covering different sectors such as internal combustion vehicles, electric vehicles, technical equipment, hydraulic system and vehicles for special use. The capacity on technological development and research stood for the highest level of present forklift industry in China, and the general performance of the products also were at the advanced level at home and abroad.

Self manufacturing offered sound support for the development. While insisting on scientific and technological innovation to improve the self-innovative competence of the enterprise, Anhui Forklift Group continued to undertake reforms on the internal technologies in a thorough manner so as to increase the technological proportion in the traditional manufacturing industry. During the period of eleventh five-year plan, the enterprise succeeded in accumulating investment of nearly RMB 2 billion Yuan through combination of self-owned capitals with capital market, initially establishing a strategic industrial layout taking Heli Industrial Park headquartered in Hefei as the center, Baoji Heli and Hengyang Heli forklift manufactories as the western and southern bases, supported by Hefei Forging Factory, Bengbu Hydraulic Machinery Factory, Anqing Driving Axle Factory and the parts supplying system. At present, the company possessed the capacity of annually producing 100,000 sets of forklifts, 200,000sets of casting parts, 600,000 units of cylinders, 100,000 sets of steering axles and the related competence of material feeding, medal processing, painting, assembling and equipment testing. It was notable that Anhui Forklift Group also owned the competitive advantage in terms of driving system, hydraulic system and working devices system.

Self marketing was the guarantee of steady development. Anhui Forklift Group set up 22 provincial marketing networks and 250 secondary leveled dealer sales service networks, one of the most sophisticated and completed service systems in the forklift industry in China. Besides, Anhui Forklift established overseas dealership networks in more than 72 countries and districts around the world, products sold to 130 countries and districts, among which the export to the developed countries in Europe and America was up to 60%. The sophisticated marketing networks at home and abroad, laying sound foundations for the enterprise marching to be one of the World Top Five Enterprises in the forklift industry.

Take self-made brand as the carrier. Brand was said to be one of the most powerful arm for the enterprise to explore market and occupy more marketing shares. Anhui Forklift Group’s HELI brand forklifts had become the No.1 self-innovative brand in the forklift market in China. HELI, as the famous trademark in China had won the title of Key Cultivated and Developed Export Brand from the Ministry of Commerce, becoming the only one brand which had gained such an honor in the field of industrial truck industry.

Facing with the opportunities offered by the twelfth five-year plan, the HELI brand would take the perspective of Establishing a Hundred-Year Heli and March into World Top Five in Forklift Industry and go along the main line of fastening the pace of transforming economic developing modes, actively conducting innovations under the development way set by 1234 strategy. The so-called 1234 strategy meant to stick to ONE goal, which was to consolidate and enhance the leading position in the industry, entering the World Top Five Industrial Truck Manufacturers as soon as possible; to push forward TWO reforms, respectively reforms on ownership system and internal system; to strengthen the THREE main industries, i.e. industrial trucks, construction machinery and key parts and accessories; to generalize the FOUR aspects of development, i.e. development between domestic and overseas market, forklift and parts, headquarter and branch companies as well as material culture and spiritual culture.

It was anticipated that by the year 2015, Anhui Heli would have realized the capacity of annually producing 120,000 sets of forklifts with the sales revenue up to RMB 12 billion Yuan. This company would definitely become the leading enterprise in the global industrial truck industry. (Source from

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