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Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Ease of maintenance is an advantage often mentioned about electric forklifts. However, like internal combustion forklifts, regular intervals for electric forklift maintenance help decrease breakdowns.

What are the most important items to inspect during electric forklift maintenance?


Every modern forklift has at least 2 electric motors that have a minimum of 3 cables to carry the electric current. During forklift operation the motor cables can become loose. The loosening of the motor cables can be caused by vibration and jarring of the forklift due to rough floor surfaces, worn tires or running over dock plates. The normal heating and cooling cycles that occur during operation, due to amperage flowing through the cables, can loosen the connections as well. Loose motor cables can start fires or ruin the motor or motor controller, costing thousands of dollars!


A reach truck caster wheel, located below the operator’s feet, may require an adjustment. As the caster wheel wears, its vertical travel limits become out of adjustment which can affect the reach truck’s traction during acceleration and braking. Properly adjusted caster wheels enhance safety and stability.


During operation electric forklifts accumulate dust, which insulates electrical components and can allow heat to build up. Many forklift technicians will tell you that heat destroys forklifts, especially electronics. Because the components become brittle when exposed to heat, the unit is susceptible to bouncing and impacts. Blowing out the forklift rids the unit of dust and debris, enhancing the components ability to run cool and provide long-term value.


When you purchase a forklift battery, you are purchasing all of your fuel for the next 3-6 years – possibly even longer. Proper forklift battery maintenance can double your fuel economy and keep money in your forklift budget. Watering, charging and cleaning of the forklift battery and occasional removal to neutralize the forklift battery case and compartment can prevent downtime on electric forklifts.


Electric forklifts need greasing and inspection just as regularly as internal combustion forklifts. After all, they do the same job with nearly identical components. Periodic maintenance includes inspection of normal wear items such as tires, brakes, chains, hydraulic hoses, mast, attachments and forks to maintain the reliability and safety of your employees and forklifts.

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