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Benefits of Buying a Used Forklift in Singapore

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

As most material handling professionals realize–and despite how silly it may sound–forklifts can sometimes be viewed as a member of a warehouse or workplace, given their knack for reliability and indispensability. Because your business depends highly on forklifts for its daily operation, keeping your workhorse team fully staffed is as critical as keeping a team of professional forklift operators on board. If your warehouse is in need of a forklift, you may want to consider buying a used forklift. Not only can a used forklift cut costs for your business, but you’ll also take comfort in the fact that your forklift has been workplace tested and won’t falter at the first sight of trouble.

Benefit #1: Generous Upfront Saving

One of the most attractive benefits of purchasing a used forklift is its upfront saving. For example, while a new electric warehouse forklift can cost between $25,000 and $45,000 in today’s market, a reliable used forklift with a similar lifting capacity and model is generally priced between $10,000 and $15,000. Therefore, when you make the decision to opt for a used forklift, you’re effectively able to purchase a high-quality and high-performing workhorse for much less of its market value.

Benefit #2: Increase Your Buying Power

Beside enjoying a generous upfront saving, the price you pay for a brand new forklift is oftentimes sufficient to cover two used forklifts. Because used forklifts generally cost at least 50% less than a new one, investing in used forklifts actually increases your buying power. With the same money, you are able to buy more workhorses to improve your workforce productivity and still have the budget for minor maintenance.

Benefit #3: Workforce Tested Durability and Reliability

When you purchase a used forklift, you also gain the peace of mind knowing that the forklift you purchased has previously demonstrated its reliability by accomplishing (and even excelling) in its previous workplace. Even if repair is necessary, a slightly aged forklift is cheaper to fix than a new one because the parts are less costly, and you can always buy used parts at a great discount.

Benefit #4: Ease of Operation and Familiarity

Brand new forklifts come with new ergonomic designs that may puzzle even the most experienced forklift operators. Purchasing a new forklift means that there are new features your operators need to learn and master. However, when you invest in a used forklift, operators are already familiar with the workhorse and can easily take over the job without you spending any time and money on forklift training. There is no need for you to upgrade your forklift accessories to fit the new models either. Things will work as smoothly as before. The only difference is that your workplace now has an extra workhorse to run the show.

Make purchasing a used forklift your number one consideration whenever you need another forklift to tackle your material handling jobs. Used forklifts are much more economic and operator-friendly than the new models that have been recently released on the market. As with all purchases, remember to do your research and background check to ensure that the used forklift you buy is on part with your expectations.

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