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Electric Forklift, the way forward in view of the new diesel tax in Singapore

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

There is a common misconception regarding electric powered counterbalance forklifts when compared with their Diesel or LP Gas engine powered counterparts. 1. There is little or no performance reduction compared with engine forklifts, plus great savings to be made. 2. The initial cost of a new electric forklift is usually higher because most of the fuel to power it, i.e. the battery and the charger, are bought up-front. However, bear in mind that the fuel costs have been all but eliminated, as all there's left to pay for is the electricity to recharge the battery and the water to top it up. 3. There are minimal costs involved in recharging and topping up the battery, which are a fraction of Diesel or LP Gas fuel costs. 4. Electric forklifts are ideal for small facilities. The smaller chassis compared with an engine forklift improves manoeuvrability, due to it's smaller turning radius, which is perfect for facilities with small aisles, thus reducing the risk of operator error. 5. Usually longer service intervals and lower routine maintenance costs are involved with electric forklifts. There are far fewer components and engine oil, filters, coolant and ancillaries simply don't exist with the added benefit of no waste to dispose of. All of these factors contribute to reducing long term costs. 6. Removing the need for Diesel and LP Gas fuel in turn eliminates the need for fuel storage, which reduces costs and health and safety risks. 7. Noise reduction in the workplace is a significant factor. One of our customers told us "he needed to check the yard because he simply couldn't hear his trucks working", thus providing an improved working environment for his employees and neighbours. 8. Higher capacity ratings and increased truck stability can be achieved due to the electric truck's inherent lower centre of gravity. 9. Near zero emissions contribute to a dramatically reduced carbon footprint. 10. The speedy, safe and easy lateral battery changing means that the battery is removed and replaced from the side of the truck. This ensures that it is never more than centimetres from the ground and damage to the truck and the operator is eliminated, thus reducing damage costs, protecting the operators and keeping the Health and Safety Officer happy.

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